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  • Simple to use
    yet Powerful

    AAlong with an intuitive interface and informative dashboard, all functionality will already be familiar to users and will not require any new learning.

  • Plan and Prioritize
    Projects with Ease

    Our drag and drop functionality allows you to easily add, edit, or delete projects. All project-related content will be stored and integrated with the entire portfolio.

  • Collaborate Seamlessly
    across Portfolio

    Employees, clients, vendors, or contractors, nearby or from remote locations, all can work together seamlessly with our set of collaboration tools. Any changes will be updated in real time.

  • Full control of

    Resources info, including hourly rates vacation time, and capex percentages, allows admins to manage resources efficiently. Get more refined control with resources through our visual resource grid.

  • Track and Report
    with just One Click

    Oversee and track all aspects of your portfolio and easily break down complex projects into easily manageable units. Export various reports to Excel to further fine tune our portfolio!

  • In-Depth Insight for
    Budgets and Finances

    Monitor budgets and finances instantly and customize timeline view to anticipate any risks ahead of time.

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grid resources budgeting tracking updates
Plan on the
visual grid
your sources
your budget
the progress
See all updates
and changes in real time

Have you ever struggled with managing
your projects from planning to final stages?
Are you spending too much money on resource changes?
Is the process of collaborating with your
colleagues inefficient?

You can change all of that!
Make your work easier with our intuitive
and real time collaborative
project portfolio management tool!


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PPM in your business

What does PPM stand for?


Project Portfolio Management. In the words of Bob Buttrick - "Directing the individual project correctly will ensure it is done right. Directing 'all the projects' successfully will ensure we are doing the right projects."

Why use PPM in your work place?


PPM allows for visibility of the "bigger picture" and the possible projects that can take an organization from its current situation to where it wants to go.

How does PPM work?


Screen your projects when selecting which projects to adopt given available resources. Identify and allocate resources given budget and time constraints. Track the progress of your projects and portfolio.

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What leading companies
are saying about Comfy

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“What before took hours to do in Excel is now finished in a couple of minutes with a very modern and professional look of an app. It really increase my efficiency and my ability to collaborate with my colleagues from different locations when working on portfolios.”

Chris Ciegowski

Co-Founder at Moonray

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“COMFY makes it so fast and easy to build and manage our project portfolio that I simply have to laugh at all the time I wasted back when creating the very simplest of project lists. This is a great product.”

Konrad Nosek

CEO at Unicatshop

bubble 3

“COMFY seems to work in the background. My resources are now managed much more efficiently without even knowing it and that saves massive amount of time, effort and money. At the same time is fun to use it as the layout is so intuitive. The real eye-candy!”

Marcin Kretowski


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Here at Comfy, our Mission is to bring you an easier, faster and more efficient solution to managing your project portfolio!

As a team we are very enthusiastic and passionate about offering you the best technology that can benefit your company. Through our innovation and commitment, we are compelled to engage with our clients and to do business responsibly.

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